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About Gurm

Gurm Sohal is an international award winning photographer. He has had the honor to work with some of the best photographers from all over the world. He have also won multiple international awards with his work from WPPI. Gurm has had the pleasure to teach photography workshops about Sikh weddings internationally and also has been published on SLR Lounge. He recently also published a book with Amherst Media titled Sikh Weddings: A Shot by Shot Guide for photographers which can be purchased here.

Gurm would not be here without the love and support of my wife, Alice, his mentor Scott Robert Lim and many others. Gurm has been blessed with being able to follow his passion with photography. He believes photography is an art, and is truly passionate about capturing YOUR unique personality. He  would love to create a work of art from your wedding day.

To date, Gurm has shot over 400 weddings from his hometown in Vancouver to Cancun and to the Bahamas. His unique style captures a dramatic lighting style along with dark color tones that's uncommon amongst most wedding photographers. 

Sohal Studios has been photographing Indian weddings for over 10 years and counting with a consistent team of photographers.  Over the years, we have received numerous international awards and recognition.  We pride ourselves in providing each of our clients with a unique style that fits their personalities and relationship to give their wedding a signature look.  To ensure we can provide the best possible service and experience to our couples, we only capture a limited amount of weddings each year.  This allows us to spend valuable time on capturing and editing all your images.  All images are edited in house and not outsourced to  third party editors.  We ensure the week leading up to your wedding is kept available for you to ensure we can capture all your pre wedding events. We meet with our couples several times before the wedding to ensure we all share the same vision. We will also provide you with guidelines to help us to serve you at the highest level. We want to ensure we capture your unique personalities in a fun and comfortable way



Gurm is and Indian wedding photographer based in Vancouver and the proud author of Sikh Weddings: A Shot by Shot Guide for Photographers. Gurm’s chief motivation in publishing this book was to provide photographers with an understanding of the many traditions involved in a Sikh wedding so that they feel empowered and emboldened in photographing such weddings. The book provides an in depth understanding of the most common Sikh wedding traditions and offers thoughtful guidance on how best to photograph these traditions. Gurm has also written articles regarding Sikh wedding photography for acclaimed websites such as SLR Lounge. The book is published by Amherst Media and can be purchased worldwide. 


With a flair for blending traditional elements from Sikh weddings with his unique retouching style and creative portraiture. As an Indian wedding photographer he has built a reputation for the highest quality of service and calibre of work. Gurm’s goal is to introduce an artistic and glamorous style to every wedding he photographs. He has been mentored by some of the top photographers in the world such as Scott Robert Lim and Jerry Ghionis. Widely regarded for his fusion style that beautifully integrates traditional Sikh culture and typically western elements. Gurm has won multiple awards from WPPI (Wedding Portrait Photographers International), alongside some of the top photographers in the world and is recognized as international award winiing photographer.



Capturing time and freezing a moment have always inspired Gurm. Photography freezes a moment in time forever and in doing so, creates memories. In that moment, a story becomes timeless. Photography and film have not just been a passion of Gurm’s since childhood - they have been an obsession. What inspires Gurm is artful storytelling through images that evoke drama and emotion. Gurm has a love of storytelling and believes that everyone has a unique story that should be captured and shared through wedding photographs. Gurm would love to meet with you to discuss all the details of your upcoming wedding and capture your wedding story. 

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